Chelsea Manning Would Pay for her Own Hormone Therapy in Prison

Why is Hormone Therapy a Medical Necessity for Chelsea Manning? — VIDEO

Other publications, like CNN, insist that Manning doesn’t get female pronouns until she either starts hormone therapy or undergoes reassignment surgery something that not all trans people necessarily choose to do. But Coombs also had some guidance for those still trying to figure out how to talk about Manning: Coombs said Manning knows there is the potential for confusion with the name change, and said Manning expects to be referred to as Bradley when it has to do with events prior to sentencing, the appeal of the court-martial and the request for a presidential pardon. Prison mail must be addressed to Bradley Manning. “There’s a realization that most people know her as Bradley,” Coombs said. “Chelsea is a realist and understands.” That point was reiterated on a Monday blog post from Coombs , which goes on to explain that Manning also expects that many images and logos depicting her as male will continue to circulate. Want to add to this story?
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VIDEO By Andy Towle Lauren McNamara ( aka Zinnia Jones ), an activist and friend and former defense witness for Chelsea Manning explains why hormone therapy is a medical necessity for trans people and why Chelsea ought to be treated in prison: “We sentence people to incarceration. We do not sentence them to untreated medical conditions. We don’t sentence them to untreated gender dysphoria just as we don’t sentence them to untreated kidney failure, untreated infections, or anything else of the sort. When the government takes on inmates and incarcerates them, it becomes responsible for their medical care. And this condition from a medical and scientific perspective is no different from any other medical condition that requires treatment. And increasingly from a legal perspective as well. Civilian courts have found in almost all cases that prisons are required to provide hormone therapy and increasingly surgery as well.
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Manning wants hormone therapy in prison. Will it happen?

Manning was sentenced to serve 35 years at Fort Leavenworth Prison, a military prison in Kansas. A spokeswoman for the facility has already told the Today Show thatthe Army does not provide hormone therapy or sex-reassignment surgery for gender identity disorder. In response, Mannings lawyer, David Coombs, told the same program that, If Fort Leavenworth does not, then Im going to do everything in my power to make sure they are forced to do so. If Coombs does seek legal action, it wouldnt be unprecedented. The United States Bureau of Prisons recently faced challenges to its policy of only providing hormone therapy to an inmate if that person had received such care prior to incarceration. Where inmates have been denied care, courts have said thats unconstitutional, says Jennifer Levi, director of the Transgender Rights Project at Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders. I dont know of any cases that have been brought yet against military prisons.
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Hormone Therapy Linked to Higher Breast Cancer Death Risk

VIDEO: Breastfeeding May Prevent Breast Cancer

The results, from an 11-year follow up with more than 12,000 women who were randomly assigned to receive either the combination hormone therapy or a placebo, found 385 women taking the therapy developed an aggressive form of breast cancer, compared to 293 in the placebo group. Twenty-five women who took hormone therapy died from breast cancer during the study, compared to 12 women in the placebo group. null “It is early in the follow-up and the number of breast cancer deaths will certainly substantially increase as we move forward,” said Dr. Rowan Chlebowski, professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, and lead author of the study. Women in the study who used estrogen and progestin for five-and-a-half years — which is considered long-term use of the therapy — were at higher risk of getting breast cancer, said Chlebowksi. Earlier results of this trial indicated a connection between synthetic hormone therapy — commonly marketed as as the drug Prempro — and less aggressive forms of breast cancer .
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